What is RFID?: Links and Resources

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which basically means that one object will send information to another which will be able to identify the source and then perform an action. A great example of this would be a retail store security tag. When someone leaves the store with the tag still attached to the merchandise the alarm will sound. The rfid device on the merchandise is read by the receiving devices near the entrance of the store which sets off the alarm. RFID is very similar to the technology of NFC however it tends to work over longer distances whereas NFC is designed to work for only a few centimeters. Also, Near field communication and it's applications tend to be a lot more reliable because they avoid the “pairing” or connection problems that people faced with RFID. RFID was first used during WWI as a way to track which planes were allies and which ones were enemies while looking at a radar detection screen. Most importantly, it is clear that if RFID never existed neither would NFC and (probably not your biggest concern): Neither would this website!

  • Wikipedia: Radio Frequency Identification- This is the Wikipedia article detailing radio frequency identification(RFID). It explains it's wartime origins as well as the rest of it's history and also talks about it's current uses in many different industries.
  • Technovelgy- What is RFID?- A website which details RFID and common problems that have been reported using this technology.
  • RFID Frequently Asked Questions – This FAQ answers many questions people typically have about RFID. It is very in depth and covers many topics and applications.
  • RFID Journal- What is Radio- Frequency Identifcation? - This blog article from the RFID journal provides a basic and easy to understand overview of RFID as well as what it is useful for.
  • RFID Explained! - This article (PDF) explains what RFID is in an introductory format as well as compares and contracts other “tagging” technologies. An excellent way to sumarize RFID is laid out in the first sentence, “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio frequencies to read information on a small device known as a tag.”
  • RFID Recruiters- Explanation of the Technology – This website brought to you by RFID Recruiters explains what RFID is, what it does, what types of tags there are, what it is currently being used for, what it could potentially be used for and even identifies the controversy surrounding the technology itself.
  • One final note: although these pages explain RFID and may make it seem like a superior technology just remember... Near- field Communication > Radio- frequency Identification