What is NFC?: Links and Resources

Near-field communication could be the technology that turns your cell phone into your wallet which can be used for currency, keys, and even personal identification. It can also be used in many clever applications such as advertising, movie tickets etc. It's already incredibly popular in the technologically advanced nation of Japan (where NFC can even be found in their restaurant menus and subway tickets) so many people think were next on the list. This is something that could change the way we do everything that we do. This could do everything from drastically cut down lines in the holiday season to allowing multiple people to cash themselves out simultaneously. The reports say it is an even safer form of payment than using a regular credit card. Below are links and resources that will hopefully be useful in leading you in the right direction if you are interested in the technology.

  • Engadget- What is NFC? - This is an article explaining what near-field communication is and why it is important to us as a culture.
  • Wikipedia- Near-Field Communication – The infinitely useful wikipedia page for near field communication that includes it's uses, history, specifications and so much more.
  • Definition of NFC – This is a definitely of Near-field communication from Mobileburn. It also explains why it makes bluetooth pairing a thing of the past.
  • What is NFC, and why do we care?- This is a great article from PC Magazine explaining NFC and its potential signifcance as well as does what it can to quell any suspicions NFC will die in the water. NFC has had many “false starts” but these guys are confident this will not happen again.
  • Youtube- What is NFC- An educational video brought to you by Merchant Doctor which explains Near field communication and it's recent rise in popularity.
  • Android Pit- NFC- A blog post on android pit that explains NFC, how it works and also includes many videos including one advertising the new google wallet app that uses near field communication to pay for your products.
  • MasterCard PayPass- This website explains MasterCard's contributions to NFC and what they will be providing and supporting. It boasts their new “touch free” payment program which turns your cell phone into your wallet.