Technology for Kids in the Classroom

In today's world, understanding how to use technology is very important. Children as young as three years old can benefit from computer skills. For this reason, more schools are integrating technology into the classroom than ever before. Teachers are using technology to teach their lessons, and they are also spending more time helping kids learn to use computers and the internet. Furthermore, many teachers require their students to use the internet to do homework or look up information. Below are several different ways that technology is currently used in classrooms across the world.

Integrating Technology Workshops
No matter what age you are, working with technology on a regular basis is helpful. Technology is very important in the world today. Knowing how to use it will help you throughout your schooling and in your career. The following links can help you get a better understanding of how technology can be used to make life easier.

  • Ask Jeeves for Kids: A search engine similar to Ask Jeeves for adults that is geared specifically toward children.
  • Kids Click: Another search engine designed specifically for kids.
  • Little Explorers Picture Dictionary: A dictionary designed for kids that includes pictures.
  • Children's Authors and Illustrators on the Web: A page that provides information about famous authors and illustrators of children's books.
  • EarthCam for Kids: A page designed for children that features many webcams that are educational, kid-friendly, and fun. 
  • Fun Brain: A page with a lot of learning activities for children of all ages. 
  • Brain Pop: A page with animated educational activities on a variety of subjects.
  • Blue Mountain: A site with electronic greeting cards that kids can send to friends, family, and classmates. 
  • Weatherbug: A site with information about the weather in different locations. 
  • Jig Saw Zone: A page with jig saw puzzles that kids can work on for free.

WWW and Computer Education in the Classroom
As technology becomes more popular and important, more teachers are using it to help with learning in the classroom. Many teachers are also taking the time to teach their students how to use computers. You can use technology to learn about science, math, history, and many other subjects. Below, you will find some resources about computer education.

Learning with PowerPoints 
A PowerPoint presentation is a tool that teachers can use when they teach about a certain subject. Teachers can create PowerPoint presentations to use in class when they explain something, or they can make a presentation for students to look at on their own. Some teachers also teach their students how to make their own PowerPoint presentations. Below are some links you can follow to learn more about PowerPoint presentations in the classroom.

Internet Resources for All Subjects
The internet can help you learn about almost any subject. You can use the internet to look up information. You can also use it to watch instructional videos or send messages. Follow the links below to find tools you can use to learn about many different subjects on the internet.