NFC Uses Resources and Links

Here are some external resources and links I found that help explain what near field communication is being used for now and what it will be used for in the future. Remember: the future is here and it is because of NFC.

  • Youtube: NFC Uses- Great video from Youtube describing how to use NFC- Tag technology on the new Nexus S smart phone.
  • Presentation – This slide show presentation is entitled, “The Archetecture and development of NFC Applications” which shows quite a few different ways it's currently being used as well as what it will be used for in the future.
  • Android Spin- Google Announces it's "Wallet" – this is an article about Google which recently announced it's google wallet app will be the first application or program to allow cell phone users to pay for just about anything using their phone. Eventually this service will allow for a discount at certain locations for people using the technology to pay for their products.
  • How Stuff Works Article- This is the How Stuff Works article that explains how you will be able to pay at the register using only your phone. Gives a great overview of the basic technology and then delves a little deeper into uses such as this.
  • Addictive Tips: Practical Applications- This article from provides a definition and a basic “how it works” section about NFC before getting to the important part where it describes actions that are currently possible with NFC and what future applications will be practical and feasible as the technology becomes more popular and likely advances.
  • Check this cool tid- bit out from the above resource: "Doctors will be able to use NFC to scan their patients phones for live health statistics such as pulse, blood pressure, body temperature etc., which will be gathered by the patient’s device using certain censors. Thus, without directly scanning the bodies of patients and having to keep records of hundreds of patients in their devices, doctors will have quick access to such vital statistics in order to treat them better. This can come especially handy under medical emergencies. Furthermore, patients will be able to use their devices to convey their medical situation at hospital receptions, to be more efficiently and quickly directed to the appropriate department."... Imagine this being possible, really cool stuff. Read the rest of the article for more!!!