NFC Uses and Applications and where it is headed in the future

The near-field communication technology is growing rapidly in it's uses and it appears it is not going anywhere soon. Personally, I'm on board regardless so I'm certainly hoping at least Google Wallet will continue to progress. You'd think with a mega corporation like google behind it there is not way it will fail. Currently you can use NFC to pay for items at the store and instantly upload advertisements and discounts at certain locations and for certain products. In Japan they have applied the technology to NfC enabled cards that can be prepaid and then used to pay for subway fare and many locations even accept them as a valid form of payment. It is also being seen in Japan on restaurant menus so that travelers and vacationers or anyone who doesn't speak Japanese can swipe their phone and get an instant translation of the menu to the language of their choosing. Also grocery store customers can use this technology to swipe it at the end of the isle to see what types of products are available in that isle as well as any deals or sales currently being offered in that isle specifically.

This is what NFC Forum had to say about NFC and where it will be headed in the near future. It really puts everything in a nice perspective as Near- field communication will begin to be a huge part of people's everyday lives. A perfect word that can be used to desribe this: Revolutionary.

“NFC makes people’s lives easier and more convenient by building on existing systems and human behaviour. It will make accessing new media and content services more intuitive, make it easier to pay for things, easier to discover, synchronize and share information, and easier to use transport and other public services.

A study by ABI Research says that by 2007, higher-volume NFC deployments will be common – initially in mobile handsets, then in other kinds of consumer electronic devices, including PCs, set-top boxes, cameras and printers. Other devices and equipment likely to become NFC-enabled in the near future include: cash registers and other point-of-sale equipment; cash machines; posters, street signs, bus stops and points of interest; vending machines and parking meters; turnstiles, entry systems and door openers; and product packaging.

An important point to make here is that NFC is not enabling ‘ubiquitous computing’, where everything is connected to a network, but rather ‘ubiquitous communication’, where people have the choice to establish ad hoc connections appropriate to their needs at the time. Potential NFC-enabled applications are endless, but Innovision has identified several that can be delivered profitably today, or in the near future. These fall into three categories: service initiation, peer-to-peer, and payment & ticketing. ”

Hop on board with nfc before you're the last of your friends!