ESL Communication Resource- Games, Lessons, and More!

ESL is an important component of education especially in diverse communities. It is imperative that teachers understand the different teaching methods and classroom formats for ESL students. ESL students face huge obstacles because they must work on language skills whilst completing standard curriculum. Therefore, these students are working double time. Teachers and administrative support can ensure that these students do not get left behind and that they have the opportunity to succeed.


  • ESL Game Ideas - This website features helpful ESL games for any classroom, it includes: ice breakers, listening, and communication building skills.
  • Interactive ESL Games - This website features interactive ESL games that focus on grammar: past tense, present tense, passive vs. active, and conjunctions.
  • Parts of Speech Game - This website features both novice (verbs and nouns) and intermediate (all parts of speech) levels. Students select the proper word for the sentence and move forward in the game.
  • Small Group Games - A list of small group ESL games that can be used as ice breakers or grammar lessons (these games can be adapted for one-on-one settings as well).
  • ESL Resource Website - This website features a multitude of games for ESL learners, it includes interactive games, videos, links, and game ideas.
  • ESL Town - This website features games, quizzes, and activities for ESL students. It also features a pen pal resource for ESL students.


  • ESL Dictionary - This website is an excellent resource for ESL learners. It features a standard dictionary, a word of the day, an ask the editor feature as well as practice pages.
  • Links - This website features links for ESL students, it includes bilingual and visual dictionaries links which would be helpful for anyone working on their skills.
  • Dictionary Information - This website features helpful information on selecting a dictionary, it includes terms and how to use help, ideal for ESL students just learning about English dictionaries.
  • Merriam Webster - This website features an online visual dictionary which is helpful to ESL students.
  • Various Language Dictionaries - Online dictionary that contains links to dictionaries in other languages. It also features a translation resource.
  • ESL Dictionaries – A list of different ESL dictionaries to help ESL students look up words, find definitions, and see sample sentences.

Activity Pages:

  • ESL Teacher Resources- Websites features printable worksheets (handouts on grammar and vocabulary) for teachers. It has beginner and intermediate resources.
  • ESL Worksheets - Websites features a large array of activities for ESL students. Teachers can find teaching materials, worksheets, games and activities for their class.
  • ESL PDF’s - This website features tons of activities for ESL students. These worksheets touch on many important components of speech including: adjective teaching ideas & activities, personality adjectives exercises and ESL teaching ideas & lessons for describing words.
  • ESL Games and Quizzes - This website features beginner, intermediate and advanced activities for ESL students: games, quizzes, crosswords, and vocabulary.
  • ESL Activities - This website features fun activities for ESL students: singing songs, listening and speaking activities, and quizzes.
  • ESL Activities for Adults - Teacher’s guide to ESL education. It features introductions and activities that can be used in any learning environment.

Teaching Methods:

  • History of ESL Teaching Methods - A brief history on how ESL teaching methods have evolved in the United States.
  • The ESL Classroom - This website features information on supporting ESL students in the classroom. Provides strategies and practices to ensure that ESL students are supported in an educational atmosphere.
  • Teaching Techniques - This website features important teaching technique information; it discusses how to use dialogue and conversation to help non-English speakers.
  • ESL Strategies - Website focuses on providing teachers with strategies and teaching techniques/methods in order to be successful in reaching their ESL students.
  • Teaching Techniques – A great list of resources featuring information on teaching techniques for ESL.
  • Effective Strategies – Information on effective strategies for teaching English as a second language students.

ESL Support and Tips

  • Multicultural Classroom - Tips and guidelines for creating a successful learning environment for all students (focuses on inclusion based classrooms).
  • Safe Classroom - Article discusses the importance of fostering a safe classroom so all students feel welcome and comfortable. It features information on diversity and tolerance in a learning environment.
  • Common Information for Beginner ESL Teachers - This website provides tips for teachers working in an ESL classroom.
  • Learning Style Preferences - An article by Joy M. Reid which discusses learning style preferences for ESL students.
  • ESL Teaching Tips - This website offers tips for teachers in an ESL classroom, it focus on strategies and important considerations that teacher should take in order to support all students in the classroom.
  • International Students - Tips on teaching international students; discusses everything from classroom presentation to testing.