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I'd like to start off by thanking you, if you are reading this then you have discovered my website, found it in a search, or something has told you about it. I started this little web site because I am really into technology and wanted to be able to share some of my technological interests, one in particular being NFC which stands for Near-field communication.

This technology and the amazing things you can do with it were brought to my attention when I was still an undergraduate a few years ago and I've been following it closely ever since. A lot of the people I've been talking to about it were not familiar with the topic and instead of spending the time creating a blog that could be deleted at any moment, I decided to start my own website.

Near-field communication could mean everything for the future of the world and I want to be on the front lines to see it. Everything from the way you pay for products to the way you see advertisements or send information to your friends, family and even work place. It's already mainstream in places like Japan and it could be like that here next.

I say it “could” be because I am still skeptical the rest of the world will feel as passionately about the technology as I do. However, I hope everything I write here on this website will help, (if only a few people here and there in the world) to sway them towards supporting NFC. Currently, you need a device such as a Smart phone in order to use the technology so it is understandable it isn't mainstream since the majority of American's don't have Smart phones. I suspect a trend will unfold in the next several years were smart phones are just cell phones and the basic cell phones of today will become a thing of the past. Technology is moving fast and I think cell phone companies will drop the basic cell phone options as soon as they can. Already I am seeing commercials on TV advertising new smart phone deals for very low prices if you buy them with a 2 year plan. I believe this is the start of the exact trend I believe is coming.

While this website was created for the purpose of researching NFC and educating others about near field communication I also want to bring some other of my hobbies into this website. Being the young man that I am, I am something of a video game buff and spend a good percentage of my free time playing these games. (I love to buy my video games using NFC on my phone!) Currently, I am fully entrenched in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which you can learn a little more about here. I suspect I will be writing an article or something similar to that very shortly. It's something I am passionate about and I think that Elder Scrolls fan deserve to learn about NFC as well!